Z is for Zip-a-dee-doo-da!

I’ve completed the A-Z blogging challenge! Hooray! Here’s a run down in case you missed any:

A is for Autism (Autism Acceptance Month)

B is for Book Club (Music-Centered Music Therapy Chapter 4)

C is for Cultural Wellness (Continuing the Wellness Series)

D is for Documentation (Tips for music therapy documentation)

E is for Education (How music therapists are educated)

F is for Family vs Career (That elusive work-life balance)

G is for Goals (Setting professional goals)

H is for Help (All the ways I offer help at HeartBeatMusicTherapy.net)

I is for Identity First (Continuing the discussion from the Identity First Radio Show)

J is for Journal Club (How to participate in Journal Club to stay up on the latest music therapy research)

K is for Kids (And how they respond to music)

L is for Life (A Day in the Life of a Music Therapist)

M is for The Music Therapy Show (and the Radio Show with Petra Kern and her students)

N is for New Ideas (How to get new ideas for music therapy sessions)

O is for Opinions (Use critical thinking skills when you read blogs)

P is for PTSD (a very personal post)

Q is for Questions (That I get from high school students about music therapy)

R is for Routines (Refreshing my routines for summer)

S is for Support (and the Mommy Support edition of the Music Therapy Show)

T is for The Songwriting Challenge (The first song for the Challenge posed by Rachel Rambach at Listen & Learn Music)

U is for Unmotivated (What to do when you feel unmotivated)

V is for Virtual Book Club (Chapter 5 of Music-Centered Music Therapy)

W is for Wellness (All the wellness post series)

X is for Xylophone (a cute picture of my kid)

Y is for Yes, I’ll do another challenge (The #MusicTherapyBlogger challenge)

Z is for Zip-a-dee-do-da! (Yay! I finished! All the A-Z posts)