Monday, November 20, 2017


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I’m trying to write every day, if you couldn’t tell. I know that journaling is good for emotional stability, positive thinking, and reducing insomnia. I am also working on writing a LOT of papers for school, so I’m trying to develop a writing habit. I’m not quite ready to work on papers at this time of day (between my 2 morning cups of coffee, just after sending my child to school) but this practice helps me get into the writing mindset.

I’m working on research papers for classes. One will be on developing intercultural intelligence for music therapists. The other will be a review of neuroscience research in music therapy. I’m in the research stage on both papers, currently, but I need to shift quickly to the writing stage–the semester is almost over and I’m running out of time!

It took me a while to re-learn how to write academic papers. The last time I was in school it was 2001. I think I have a fairly good process now: Write an outline and thesis statement, collect resources, summarize the resources, plug the resources into sections of the outline, then write the paper. I estimate how long each section of the outline needs to be by dividing the number of pages the assignment asks for by number of sections.

The research part takes the longest and feels unproductive. I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about whether something fits in a paper that isn’t fully formed, then take a few notes and log the bibliography information. There are no words on paper at this stage, just thoughts and concepts that are somewhat disjointed. I have to manage my time and energy levels really well to get this done around my family and work life, which I don’t do all that well sometimes. Most of the time.

Better get to it.