Virtual Book Club: Music Centered Music Therapy

I’ve been curious about this approach to music therapy for a while now, as this term “music-centered music therapy” has come up on discussion boards for music therapists. I’ve been confused about it, because to me, all music therapy is music-centered by definition. I certainly feel like music is the center of the work that I do with my clients. But it seemed that other music therapists think differently about it. Whenever this discussion pops up in a music therapy forum, I usually ask what it means or what a “musical goal” is. I found some of the answers on a recent radio show but the usual response to my posts are, “read Ken Aigen’s book.” I have never found this to be a helpful response, but I did recently check the book out of the library. I’m going to read it as I can and share my thoughts here as I go. If you’d like to join me in this virtual book club, get the book Music-Centered Music Therapy and let me know you’re joining me! In a week or two, I hope to have chapter one completed, then I’ll come back here and post my thoughts.