Thursday, September 14, 2017

Virtual Book Club: The Nature of Theory

Virtual Book Club

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Way back in September of 2014, I announced that I was starting virtual book club to discuss Kenneth Aigen’s Music-Centered Music Therapy. Well, I’ve finally started reading it and have some time to write about my thoughts. So if you’re joining me, read Chapter 1 (it’s only 11 pages) and share your thoughts in the comments!

I read through the preface at bus stops last semester. You could probably skip this part, but it does give background into why the book was written. Plus, there’s a helpful section describing the book structure.

The book has four parts. Part 1 establishes the context for music-centered music therapy. Chapter 1 discusses what theory is and defends music-centered music therapy as a valid scientific point of view. This chapter seemed to have a defensive tone to it, but perhaps that is a projection of my perception of the whole “music-centered vs. other theory” discussions that seem to take place frequently in our field. I am trying to recognize my bias and keep an open mind when reading. I practice with a slant towards biomedical theory, but also believe that all music therapy is music-centered, by definition. So I’m hoping to gain some perspective that may differ from my experiences from this discussion.

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