Thursday, July 27, 2017

Using the Self-Care Scorecard

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I have been using the self-care score card for a few days and have made some adjustments to make it work better. I updated the link to the scorecard on the previous post to reflect the changes. I realized I needed to add some instructions to explain how I use it. Of course, you should feel free to edit this and use it in a way that makes sense for you, but here is how I intended it to be used.

Each week, give yourself a check mark for each day that you do any self-care activity in each category. I recommend taking baseline data for one week, where you just make a note of what you already do. If you do something in a category every day, then you’d give yourself 7 points at the end o the week for that category. Total up the points in each category to determine your self-care score. If you did something in every category every day, then you’d have a score of 49 (7 categories x 7 days).

I don’t think it’s realistic to do something in every category, every day, but I feel like a good target is getting a score of 24 or higher. The key is to not be perfectionistic about self-care (or anything) and to not get hung up on how to define what counts and what doesn’t count.

Here’s an example:

I’ve used the score card for three days. On Monday and Tuesday, I exercised and slept for at least 7 hours the night before (not necessarily consecutively…), and I had lunch with a friend. So I got points for Exercise, Proper Rest, and Emotional Support of Family and Friends–6 points. On Tuesday, I also got a point for Opportunities to Pursue Personal Interests by completing some reading for next semester and meeting up with my Doctor of Liberal Studies cohort–7 points. That night, though, my kid did not sleep well or long enough, so I was sleep deprived and grouchy on Wednesday. I did not exercise or read that day, but I did get nap, teach a guitar lesson, and watched the US Men’s National Soccer Team win the CONCACAF Gold Cup, so I got points for Proper Rest, Pursuing Personal Interest, and Stress Management Techniques (I talked to my husband about what I needed and let him help my kid get to bed for a nap while I focused on breathing and slowing my mind for my nap–I also had Tacos for dinner)–10 points so far this week.

I know from past experience that by Wednesday or Thursday, I get caught up in life challenges and tend to skip workouts, so I need to put more effort into making things easier for me to work out, like getting dressed for a workout right when I wake up, which means laying out my workout clothes the night before.

I can already see that I’m missing points in Good Nutrition and Spiritual Grounding, so I can look for ways to add those into my day. Maybe I’ll snack on carrots and hummus instead of chips and salsa this afternoon….

This also helps me to focus on what I am doing right instead of what I’m not doing! I would love to hear whether you are using the self-care score card and how it’s going for you. Contact me to let me know!