Wellness Agenda

Tweet A few weeks ago, I mentioned my Wellness Agenda on a Facebook group. People asked me about it, so I said I would write a post about it. Basically, my Wellness Agenda is a set of goals that relate to each of the wellness dimensions that make sure I’m meeting all of my needs […]

Episode 220: Parent Support Group – What’s going right?

Tweet A long overdue episode of Parent Support group is finally here! Amy Zuniga, mother of two and a parenting support professional, joins me, Janice Lindstrom, mother of one and music therapist, to talk about what our families have been dealing with this month and the things we have been worried about as parents that […]

Mommy Support Group

Tweet Amy Zuniga runs the Mommy Mixers at Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas TX. She is joining me to discuss support for new moms–why it’s important, how to connect with other moms, where to find support, and other topics. I’ll discuss some ways that I use music as mommy support. We’ll even take questions if […]

Use Music to Help Your Child Develop Skills

Tweet Children with developmental or neurological disorders have many challenges to overcome, but can still learn new skills. It is important that we check our assumptions about what someone is capable of, because they may exceed our expectations, given the opportunity.

Music Therapy and Autism

Tweet Autism is a spectrum disorder that affects individuals differently and in a variety of ways. Typically, people with autism have a lack of or delay in spoken language, repetitive motor or language behaviors, little or no eye contact, lack of interest in socializing, inability to make-believe, and fixation on parts of objects. People with […]