Episode 208: Mommy Support Show

Tweet Amy Zuniga is a mom of a 2 year old and a 4 year old. She leads the Mommy Mixers at Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas (Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:00 am). She has a counseling degree and teaches many of the new mom classes at the hospital. I am a mom of a […]

Work Routines

Tweet Several people have called me this week for advice on their workplace issues. I offer a coaching program through which I share all my secrets for Working Smarter, Not Harder, if you’d like some personalized help with your music therapy session planning, business organization, or help with assessments and treatment plans. Just send me […]

Episode 205: Songs for Connecting With Your Child

Tweet In this episode, I’ll sing the songs I’ve been posting about on my website: in the Parenting category. These include songs for diaper changes, brushing teeth, eating, and walking. I’ll also sing the songs included in my ebook: 6 Songs to Connect with Your Child. You can get this ebook by signing up […]

Scope of Practice #MTAdvocacy

Tweet Music therapists are held to high standards when they practice. These standards have been defined by the Certification Board for Music Therapy (Scope of Practice/Exam Content areas, Code of Professional Practice) and the American Music Therapy Association (Standards of Practice, Professional Competencies, Code of Ethics).

Episode 202: Electronic Medical Records

Tweet Unitus Therapy Intelligence (UnitusTI) is an electronic therapy records management system and curriculum server that allows educators and therapists the ability to: Create & Customize assessments and curricula Manage Data Acquisition, Graphs and Reporting Professionalize your practice Automate administrative functions, program execution, data analysis and tracking Standardize staff operations and communications Communicate instantly with […]

Episode 199: Basic Anatomy and Physiology for the Music Therapist

Tweet Daniel J. Schneck is my guest today and will be talking about his forth-coming book, Basic Anatomy and Physiology for the Music Therapist. Providing need-to-know information about the human body for music therapists, this book covers the elements of anatomy and physiology that are of particular relevance to clinical practice.