Developmental disability

Episode 220: Parent Support Group – What’s going right?

Tweet A long overdue episode of Parent Support group is finally here! Amy Zuniga, mother of two and a parenting support professional, joins me, Janice Lindstrom, mother of one and music therapist, to talk about what our families have been dealing with this month and the things we have been worried about as parents that […]

Episode 200! Work Smarter Not Harder

Tweet This is the 200th Episode of The Music Therapy Show! To celebrate, I’m going to share my secrets for working smarter, not harder, as a music therapist in private practice for over 20 years. I’ve worked with all kinds of populations, from neurological impairments to developmental disabilities to psychiatric disorders. I’ve had contracts with […]

Group Music Activities for Adults

Tweet   Maria Ramey, MT-BC, is a graduate of the music therapy program at California State University Northridge. While working as a music therapist at Hope University, a fine arts program for adults with developmental disabilities, Maria wrote the book Group Music Activities for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, a collection of 100 session […]

Music Therapy and Speech Development

Tweet On April 27, Roia Rafieyan will join me to talk about her work as a music therapist in a state facility for folks who have a variety of intellectual and developmental disabilities. Most of the folks she works with are on the autism spectrum, and mostly they don’t use speech to communicate. She blogs […]