Music Therapy for Adults

Tweet Music Therapy benefits are not just for children–it works across the lifespan. Many adults experience stress; music can help reduce stress. Listen to some of your favorite music and dance or relax to it. You’ll either be getting exercise by dancing or lowering your heart rate, blood pressure, and the amount of stress hormones […]

Music Therapy for infants and newborns

Tweet Remember singing lullabies to your babies? Think of the qualities of those songs. Hear the slow and soothing tones of Brahms’s “Lullaby” or the steady rhythm of “Hush Little Baby”. Lullabies are used to calm babies to help them fall asleep and are often accompanied by gentle rocking and slower breathing. These lullabies probably […]

Now You Can Learn an Instrument and Improve Your Health, Too

Tweet Remember that instrument you used to play in middle school or high school? Try to pick up your old instrument and performing in a community ensemble–by doing so, you will exercise your brain and improve your health! Or if you’ve never played, take some lessons. You’re never too old to learn an instrument and […]