Wellness Agenda

Tweet A few weeks ago, I mentioned my Wellness Agenda on a Facebook group. People asked me about it, so I said I would write a post about it. Basically, my Wellness Agenda is a set of goals that relate to each of the wellness dimensions that make sure I’m meeting all of my needs […]

The Walking Song

Tweet When my child started walking, of course I was thrilled! But I was also nervous about how he would handle parking lots and safety. He also gets too heavy for me to carry sometimes. So one day at Mommy Mixer, I let him walk from the car to the building. This parking lot is […]

Work Routines

Tweet Several people have called me this week for advice on their workplace issues. I offer a coaching program through which I share all my secrets for Working Smarter, Not Harder, if you’d like some personalized help with your music therapy session planning, business organization, or help with assessments and treatment plans. Just send me […]

Music Therapy and Teenagers

Tweet At this stage of life, music preferences are shaped by what our friends like and tend to move away from what our parents like. It is important to find out what kind of music your teen is listening to and to talk about the messages in the music. What we listen to throughout the […]

Music Therapy and the School-aged Child

Tweet At this age, music as therapy is used mostly for children with disabilities. It may be offered in school districts, if the Music Therapy Assessment determines that it is educationally necessary as a related service. In this case, music therapy is provided directly to the child, who is pulled out of the classroom to […]

Here’s a Quick Way to Adjust Your Attitude

Tweet This morning, I woke up later than usual. This typically would start my day off wrong and potentially ruin my day. But this morning I decided not to judge myself for staying up too late last night or for sleeping later to make up for it. I started my morning routine, and usually I […]