Saturday, July 8, 2017

T is for The Songwriting Challenge

See what I did there? Just in case you weren’t aware, coming up with a post everyday for each letter of the alphabet isn’t easy. And apparently, I like to challenge myself…

Rachel Rambach at Listen & Learn Music is hosting a songwriting challenge. I think if you hurry, you can still sign up. For the next 5 weeks, she’ll give a song-writing prompt. Then if you complete the challenge and post your song per the challenge rules, you’ll be entered to win some big prizes. Go check it out!

I was considering not posting for all of May after posting daily for all of April (minus Sundays), but since I signed up for this challenge, I’m going to post my songs here.

Here’s my first song:



What I’ve learned from this is that I tend to write songs in AABA form, with step-wise melodies and predictable harmonies, because generally I want my clients to learn the songs quickly and sing along.

I’ve never really thought about my songwriting process before. I tend to write songs in the moment, lyrics and melody at the same time, with my guitar in my hands. For this song, I sang it until it worked for me while I was making breakfast. I took a quick video to record the song so I could remember it. Then later, I sang it with my guitar. And now I can write the lead sheet.