Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness isWellness attending to our inner divinity, our connection with God, our unity with all life. The Wellness Model purports that Spiritual Wellness is important, regardless of your religious beliefs (or non-beliefs). Every human has a spiritual nature, which can be nurtured through living your religious beliefs fully (attending church services, praying), or through being mindful and living in the present moment. Spending time with a clear mind and focusing on your breath can help nourish your spirit. Engaging in a ritual (any repetitive action, like your morning routine) can help honor or renew our spirit.

Music is often considered spiritual, or can elicit spiritual experiences. It accompanies celebrations, like birthdays and graduations; and creates ceremony, like church services, presidential speeches, and funerals. Music can be comforting (lullabies or hymns or love songs). Singing with a large group can create a sense of unity and purpose (protest songs, concerts, campfire songs).

Some ways that you can musically nurture your spiritual wellness are:

1. Play a favorite song, relax, and just focus on the music. Notice your breathing, the support that you feel from the surface you are sitting or laying on, and any time your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to the music. This focus on the present moment is a form of meditation.

2. Create a playlist to accompany a routine. Instead of waking up to an alarm, create a playlist that has a song to rouse you, a song to accompany getting dressed, a song to hear as you gather your things for work or school. This will establish your morning routine as a sacred time of preparing for your day. I have a CD called “Sunday Morning Coffee” that I used to play every weekend day that I didn’t have to leave in the morning. My mornings were relaxed and happy on those days, and now when I listen to that CD, my mind and body recall those relaxed mornings and I feel less stressed and worried on days when I can’t stay home and drink coffee all morning.

3. Put on some background music during family meals. My family rarely eats together for dinner, but we usually have breakfast together. I put on some instrumental music to play in the background, and our meal time becomes sacred family time, instead of just another thing to do in the morning.

No matter your belief system, Spiritual Wellness is essential to health and well-being. How do you nurture your spiritual wellness?