Songwriting Challenge #5: Personal song

The Songwriting Challenge for Music Therapists | Rachel Rambach, Listen & Learn Music

I made it to the end! This is the final song for the Songwriting Challenge issued by Rachel Rambach at Listen & Learn Music.

Songwriting Challenge #1: Hello Song

Songwriting Challenge #2: Piggyback Song

Songwriting Challenge #3: Instrument Song

Songwriting Challenge #4: A song based on a goal or objective

This week’s writing prompt is Write for YOU. The topic, lyrical and melodic structure, instrumentation, and every other aspect of this song should be of your choosing; anything goes.

We’ve had a rough week in the Lindstrom house, because my kid climbed out of his crib. He did this a few weeks ago, but we were still able to put him to sleep in his crib, so we hoped it was a one-time thing. But last Friday, he climbed out every single time we put him down. So we had to take the crib out of his room and transition to a toddler bed (aka mattress on the floor). We had one sleepless night and no naps since that transition.

The sound quality of this video isn’t that great because I’m singing this song to keep me from going crazy as I wait and hope and pray that my kid takes a nap today. We’re going on 5 days without a nap, people…. I can’t take the cranky much longer….