Songwriting Challenge #4: A song based on a goal or objective

The Songwriting Challenge for Music Therapists | Rachel Rambach, Listen & Learn Music

I really thought this challenge would be easy. But I’m struggling each week to get my song turned in on time!

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It’s really making me think about my songwriting process and how I might teach songwriting to others–which is good since I will be doing that soon!

This week’s challenge: Take a client-specific goal or objective (either fictional or real), and write a song based on that goal or objective. Keep in mind the client’s preferred style and instrumentation.

I have a client* that is working on speech fluidity and problem-solving. One of the techniques I’m currently using with her is song-writing. What I’d like her to do is to be able to identify 4 words and them insert them into a song lyric, sort of like a mad-lib, but to be able to say/sing the word in time with the music to work on speech fluidity and speed of thought. I thought that it might be more successful if she has pre-selected words to use, instead of trying to spontaneously come up with a word.

So I need a song that will be versatile enough to handle the words she selects and still make some sort of sense and be motivating to the client. This particular client likes silly stories and country music.

Rachel is a young girl, with big hopes and dreams.

She wants to make a difference in this world.

But when she was out one day, she saw the strangest thing.

She noticed a giant ______ (noun) that liked to twirl.

Rachel didn’t know what to think

Or what she should do

What if it started to speak

Or played the Kazoo?

Rachel thought, and then she said,

“I know exactly what I’ll do!”

She approached it very carefully

And gave it her favorite ________ (noun).

After asking for two nouns that are not proper names, I’ll sing the song and allow the client to fill in the blanks with either word. Then we can alter parts of the song and sing it again with two different words.

*Some information about this client has been altered and/or fictionalized to protect identity.