Songwriting Challenge #2: Piggyback Song

The Songwriting Challenge for Music Therapists | Rachel Rambach, Listen & Learn Music

This week’s songwriting challenge by Rachel Rambach at Listen & Learn Music is a Piggyback song. A piggyback song is one that uses the melody of another song with adapted lyrics. Pretty much every song that Barney ever used was a piggyback song. I kept hearing from music therapists that they use the Barney clean up song with their kids. I’m a big believer in using whatever works, but I can’t bring myself to sing Barney songs, so I used the melody from The Farmer in the Dell to write my own clean up song.

I sang it acapella because if I’m cleaning up and teaching my kid or clients to clean up, then I’m going to be doing it with them and won’t have my hands available for playing instruments.

The lyrics are

Let’s pick up the toys

Let’s pick up the toys

We’ve had some fun and now we’re done

Let’s pick up the toys.

You can easily add more verses to this song, like

The blocks go in the bucket

The blocks go in the bucket

Pick up all the blocks you see

And put them in the bucket.

Singing is a great way to repeat directions without sounding like a broken record. Plus, if you’re singing, you’re not yelling, right? So it’s helpful for the mama, too.