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Since 2005, the American Music Therapy Association and the Certification Board for Music Therapists have collaborated on a State Recognition Operational Plan. The primary purpose of this plan is to get music therapy and our MT-BC credential recognized by individual states so that citizens can more easily access our services. The AMTA Government Relations staff and CBMT Regulatory Affairs staff provide guidance and technical support to state task forces throughout the country as they work towards state recognition. To date, their work has resulted in over 35 active state task forces, 2 licensure bills passed in 2011, 1 licensure bill passed in 2012, and an estimated 7 bills being filed in 2013 that seek to create either title protection or a licensure for music therapy. This month, our focus is on YOU and on getting you excited about advocacy.

This week, I’ll be talking with Victoria Storm from Oak Park Music Therapy about why she loves music therapy.

Oak Park Music Therapy is based in a client-centered model; clients are served through a process of assessment, treatment/educational planning, intervention, and evaluation. Services are provided by a Board Certified Music Therapist to a variety of clientele.  Home-based individual sessions, contractual arrangements with local facilities, and community based creativity workshops are the core of our offerings.

Our Music Therapist – Victoria Storm, MM, MT-BC uses the transformative power of music to assist people to gain new insights through the metaphors inherent in non-verbal and symbolic self expression.  Using the elements of music (rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, tempo, and dynamics) along with lyrics and story, Victoria customizes every session specifically for the needs of each client she sees.

Her clinical background includes 20 years of bringing music to persons in need through her work in a community music school, special education classrooms, physical and mental health hospitals, and elder care facilities.  Her Master and Bachelor of Music degrees in Music Therapy are from Western Michigan University.

Victoria is a singer/songwriter, forever dedicated to the healing power of music.

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