Singing to your Child

So, you feel that you don’t really have a great singing voice.  Or maybe you’ve been told outright that you don’t have a good singing voice.   The literature says that singing  with your child is a good thing.  What is the non-singing parent of a baby or young child to do?

Sing anyway.  It doesn’t have to be amazing by popular standards.  It should be genuine, though.  It’s your time to be with your baby.  Sing songs you like!  Sing along with a recording.  Sing without a recording.  There really isn’t a wrong way to sing to your child.  Your baby’s aesthetic sense isn’t developed yet, but your baby’s need to bond and learn how to self-regulate is in full swing!  Singing is a form of emotional communication with your child that signals your love and enjoyment of being together.  Singing also releases all those “feel good” neurotransmitters in the singer and (researchers surmise) in your child. 

But some parents are just uncomfortable singers or music makers.  That’s where a music class experience can help.  In a relaxed, supportive environment like the ones offered in  Music Together centers all over the country, parents and their children engage in a whole host of music experiences that are both developmentally appropriate for children and the adults who love them.

Guest post by

Carol Ann Blank, LCAT, LPC, MMT, MT-BC

Program Developer/Special Needs Coordinator

Music Together LLC

Princeton NJ USA