Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Reporting CMTE Credits

Please note: These are my own thoughts and how I do things. This post is not endorsed by CBMT and does not reflect any opinion but my own. For more information, refer to the CBMT recertification manual and website.

Erecertificationach year, Board Certified Music Therapists report their continuing education credits to the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT). Reporting your CMTE (Continuing Music Therapy Education) credits each year is one of the tips in the 10 Ways for Music Therapists to Start the Year Off Right article. If you keep up with this every year, it helps out the hardworking staff at CBMT and it makes it easier for you to keep track of your credits.

Since we’ve already updated our resumes, reporting credits is even easier. Here’s the step-by-step process:

1. Sign in to your CBMT account. In the upper right hand corner of each page on CBMT.org, there’s a small link that says “Sign in.” If you’ve not yet set up your profile, click on “Not registered yet? Sign up here.” If you’ve set up your profile, you can enter your email and password and even check the box to “Remember Me” if you want.

2. Check your profile and update as necessary. Once you’re signed in you can see your Recertification Status. It shows your current cycle dates, you can pay your maintenance fee, and you can enter and edit your recertification credits. You can also edit your personal information and see when your cycle expires.

3. Enter your credits. Click on “Enter/Edit Credits.” Then you can see all the credits you’ve entered previously during the current cycle and click on “Enter Credits” to add more. There’s a drop down menu to select the credit type. Then you enter the title of the course or activity. Then you enter the location or Approved Provider number (which will be on the certificate you received or you can look it up on the Approved Provider list–it will start with a P-#). Then you enter the date the activity was completed. Then enter the number of credits you are claiming for the course or activity.

4. Click the “Save” button. Then check to see that it listed correctly. Give it just a minute. On my computer, there was a slight delay before the credit showed up. I reviewed my credits and noticed that I entered a presentation in the Professional Service category instead of the Professional Development category. When you click “Edit” it looks like nothing happens, but scroll back up to the “Enter Credit” box and you’ll see your credit listed there and you can edit and save again.

5. File the required documentation. I recommend scanning certificates and other documentation to save in a Continuing Education folder on your computer. That way, if you’re audited, you can find the certificates and other documentation quickly and email your audit response. Stick all of the hard copies in a file folder and put it in a safe place. After the first year of your next cycle, you can toss this folder and start a new one.

For any questions about recertification, required documentation, or how to get credits, read the CBMT Recertification Manual. It really is quite easy to understand and all the information is there. Once you’ve read the manual, if you still have questions, then you can call for help. But do the CBMT staff, or other music therapists on Facebook, a favor and READ THE MANUAL FIRST!

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