Thursday, September 14, 2017

re: VISION #MTAdvocacy

SM Advocacy Badge 2012_150x150VISION: this project is about vision, about envisioning our profession’s identity (our entire scope of practice) and sharing that with our audience both online and offline (advocacy). We Value this endeavor, we Imagine Success in our advocacy efforts, we Invest in advocacy Opportunities Now and whenever possible.

Music therapists are in a state of revision: the Scope of Practice has been revised and many states are working on State Recognition of the MT-BC in order to increase access to music therapy for those that need it. Texas music therapists are working on this goal now. You can help by participating in Music Therapy Day at the Texas State Capitol in Austin:

1. Lobby Day in Austin: Feb. 2-3, 2015
2. Meet at Della’s house, Monday night, 7pm, Feb. 2, for BBQ, rehearsal of talking points, and legislative packet assembly
3. Tuesday morning, Feb. 3, 8am, meet at the Capitol.
4. Box lunches can be ordered from the Capitol Grill. ($11)
5. we will visit with legislators throughout the day, and have a resolution read on the floor declaring February 3 as MUSIC THERAPY DAY
6. You can receive continuing education credits from CBMT for your participation!
7. We will be finished by 5pm at the very latest.

BBQ the night before
Be present for the resolution to be read on the floor of the house and senate
Receive credit from CBMT.

RSVP by Monday, January 26, to

1) Value and Imagine Success

This seems like a big job to me, but it is important. It’s important that all Texas music therapists support this effort, and it’s important that all clients that need music therapy in Texas have access to music therapy in Texas. I have seen the value of music therapy:

A 5-year old that had a spinal cord injury was paralyzed from the neck down. He was from another country, but came to the hospital I worked at for rehabilitation and parent training. He did not speak English or Spanish, so speaking with him was difficult. I met with him in the music and communicated with him through the music. Because of that relationship that was formed while we made music together, I was able to use a recorder – that flute-like musical instrument you probably played in elementary school – to help him not be afraid of the “sip-n-puff” wheel chair that his occupational therapist was attempting to teach him to use. Without music therapy, this child would not have learned to operate his wheel chair.

I didn’t know that the technique I used would be successful, but I imagined that, combined with the relationship that we had developed and the music that we shared, this child would be successful.

I don’t know what path our State Recognition efforts will take in Texas, but I imagine that we will be successful in that, too.

2) Invest in Opportunities Now

I hope that you can go to participate in the Texas Music Therapy Day event. Unfortunately, I cannot. However, I can still invest in the opportunity now to educate those I work with and my legislators to support our efforts. I will celebrate Music Therapy Day at my workplace on February 3, 2015. I will use social media to spread the word about Music Therapy Day and to advocate for music therapy. I will email, phone, or write a letter to my Texas legislators to inform them about Music Therapy Day and educate them about music therapy and nurture those relationships.

What will you do to celebrate Music Therapy Day?


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