Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Music News YOU Can Use: Developing Physical Wellness

The Medical Wellness Center at the University of Miami defines Physical Wellness as respecting and taking care of your body. It is applying your knowledge, motivation, and skills toward enhancing personal fitness and health. It is making healthy and positive choices regarding a variety of issues including nutrition, physical activity, sexuality, sleep, the use of alcohol and other drugs, self-care, and the appropriate use of health care systems.

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♫    Tune in – Studies have shown that listening to music while you exercise helps to decrease perception of pain or fatigue, and increase the amount of time we remain engaged in the physical activity. Make a playlist of your favorite energetic songs to listen to while you workout. Encourage your child to workout with you, or just put on some music and dance together!

♫    Tune up – Teach your child good nutrition and healthy habits by your example. You can also teach concepts by creating a song to impart the knowledge you wish to teach. Jay Mankita wrote a song called Eat Like a Rainbow which teaches your child to eat a variety of colorful foods. Maybe this will help introduce new foods to picky eaters?

♫    Tune out – Studies also show that music helps to lower your heart rate, so play some music with a slower tempo while you cuddle with your child. See if you notice your heartbeat matching your child’s heartbeat and the music.

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