O is for Opinions

As I was contemplating my topic for this A-Z Blogging Challenge post, I thought about the topic of my most recent show: Online learning. The students that called in to share their opinions about the future of music therapy education and online learning said that they use technology and appreciate its use in educational settings.

I started thinking about how we do research now. Most of us begin any quest for information by using Google, or some other search engine. Julie Palmieri of Serenade Designs wrote a post about Google giving preference to mobile ready sites. Which means that when you research via Google, you’re getting the sites that the bots think are appropriate or more favorable.

Some of the sites that get better Google rankings are those that are blogs. Blogs are great! I read a lot of them and learn a lot from them. I’ve even been know to write for them….

However, blogs are not science. They aren’t considered part of evidence-based practice. Blog posts are opinions. So while we can learn a lot from blog posts, we cannot consider the articles posted on blogs to be scientific evidence. And in a research-based health care profession, like music therapy, we must be careful about the sources from which we draw information.

So when you’re reading about music therapy, please keep in mind the source, and use those critical thinking skills!