December 10, 2010 – Music Therapy Students

Music Therapy Students and Prospective Music Therapy Students may become members of the American Music Therapy Association Students (AMTAS).

AMTAS are undergraduate and graduate student members of the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA). The goal of the student organization is to increase awareness, involvement, and knowledge of music therapy students by fostering communication and growth in preparation for a professional career.

The Student Affairs Advisory Board (SAAB) is one of the boards of the American Music Therapy Association. Its purpose is to establish and strengthen a positive and productive relationship between students and professionals of the organization, consult and advise students regarding any concerns brought to attention by students or concerning students, and to encourage and support students’ professional involvement and growth within AMTAS and eventually AMTA.

This week, I’m please to invite Dr. Petra Kern back to the show, along with past and current members of the SAAB, to talk about music therapy students and how they are helping the field of music therapy develop.

Listen to the archived show here. 

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