#MusicTherapyBlogger Challenge #3: Quote


“Progress not Perfection” ~Flylady

The 3rd installment in the #MusicTherapyBlogger Challenge hosted by Julie at Serenade Designs is to share a quote that you love and/or that makes you think. Then write your blog post to reflect upon that quote.

I recently spoke at a Mindstorm Monday at MusicTherapyEd.com and shared the above quote from Flylady at Flylady.net. It seemed to resonate with the attendees, and it has become a mantra of mine. I believe (after listening to Flylady for several years) that perfectionism is NOT a positive quality. It just causes unhappiness and stress, in my experience.

I don’t hold my friends, spouse, kid, or clients to the unattainable standard of perfection, so why should I hold myself to that standard? I’ve certainly done this in the past and have to catch myself at it even now, but perfection is not attainable. Progress is really the measure of success I wish to use.

Burnout and depression are not a fun way to live, so cut yourself, and everyone around you, a little slack and strive towards progress. Because everyone can do just a little better than before–and if you have an off day, well, tomorrow is another chance.

Sometimes, we get stuck in our perfectionism, though, and need help to get past it. If you’re having difficulty with perfectionism in your business or home, check out Flylady.net. Or contact me for some reasonably priced coaching or supervision.

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