Thursday, August 31, 2017

Music Therapy Mommy Monday

I am a board certified music therapist. I’m also a mommy of a nine month old. I have always respected moms, but now I have a whole new appreciation and understanding of what it means to be one! It’s really hard sometimes! I can only imagine how much more difficult this job is if your kid has a disability.

Those first few months were really tough. There was a disaster in my home the day we came home from the hospital. My husband and I were exhausted. We had to quickly gather what we needed and find a place to stay. And figure out how to be parents and keep this kid alive.

I knew I loved my kid, but I did not have that “wow, this is the best thing that ever happened to me” feeling that everyone seems to think I should have had. I was just tired and felt pretty clueless on how to take care of this needy helpless little child.

Nine months later I’m getting a little more sleep and feel more and more of that sense of awe, but it’s still pretty exhausting being a parent. And I still feel pretty clueless.

I am trying to get back to regular posts, radio shows, and newsletters again. But I’ll roll them out slowly, as I can.

Babies respond to music, so if you’re a new mommy, try this:

Sing Where is Thumbkin. See how your baby follows the movements with his eyes. I like to make up verses at the end, like:

Where is (baby’s name)? [cover baby’s face]
There s/he is! [uncover baby’s face]
I love (baby’s name)!
Yes I do!

You can do the same thing with Mommy, Daddy, or anyone else. My kid especially likes this verse:

Where is tickle bug?
Here he is! [bring out each hand, wiggling fingers]
Tickle tickle tickle bug [tickle baby]
Run away! [hide hands]

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