How I distract my baby so I can complete a diaper change

I recently shared with my mommy group that my child squirms a lot during diaper changes. It can be a safety hazard if he wiggles off the surface that I’m changing him on. I started singing this song one day:

He was captivated! And most of the time, it still works. I chose it because on the “MMM AHHH” parts, I squinch my face up, squeezing my eyes and mouth closed tightly as I sing “MMMM” and open my eyes wide and stick my tongue way out on the “AHHH” parts. I also exaggerate with my tongue on the “We all know frogs say La-de-da-de-da” parts. It’s those facial expressions that make him stare and laugh and be still long enough for me to finish the diaper change. Let me know how you manage diaper changes without hand-to-hand combat!

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