Wednesday, July 5, 2017

MT Hack: RSS Reader

On the 200th(!!!) episode of The Music Therapy Show, I shared my top 5 music therapy hacks. One of them was using an RSS reader app on my phone to keep up with blogs. I like this app because I can keep up with new posts from blogs I like without having to remember to go to a bunch of websites. I thought I’d share the blogs I read in that app and why. These are listed in the order I added them to my feed reader. Let me know I’m missing some good ones! – Have you heard of this one? It’s fantastic! ūüôā It’s on my reader so that I can make sure that articles I post show up and, since the social broadcasting plugin doesn’t always work, I can share my posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Implausible Dreams – This is my husband’s site. He writes about Rush, FC Dallas, Texas Rangers, and whatever else pops into his head. This is how I keep track of his online habits. (ha ha)

Listen & Learn Music – Rachel Rambach gives resources for music therapists, early childhood music classes, and original songs, plus a new mommy podcast: Guitars & Granola Bars.

Music Therapy Maven – Kimberly Sena Moore writes about music and the brain, music therapy advocacy, and re-posts her articles from Psychology Today.

Music Sparks – JoAnn Jordan writes about engaging ideas for young, elder & intergenerational groups from her Hays, KS music therapy practice.

Session Cafe – On this site, JoAnn Jordan provides resources, ideas for sessions and treats for Eldercare Professionals and their older adult clients. Invitations to free quarterly webinars to keep your session ideas flowing.

Music Therapy Source – Matt Logan’s posts are on various topics, like productivity, guitar skills, and advocacy.

The Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Blog – This one hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, but if the Nordoff-Robbins Staff start posting again, I want to keep up with them. It’s mostly updates about what’s going on at the Nordoff-Robbins Center in New York.

Soundscape Music Therapy – Rachelle Norman posts infrequently, but when she does, it’s about care-giving and music. She gives ideas for using music with seniors.

The Mindful Music Therapist – Roia is a music therapist that doesn’t post a lot (less than once a month) but when she does, it’s an impactful, thoughtful exploration of a therapy session, her clients, or herself. Her posts really make me think about what I do as a music therapist.

Rhythm for Good – If you’re a business owner or a blogger, you have to keep tabs on Kat Fulton! She has a business plan that is a great model to follow and she even has courses that teach you how to create a business you love!

Music Therapy Services of Austin, LLC – This site was managed by Rachel See, but when she moved to St. Louis, she sold her business to Rebecca Faulkner. Rebecca hasn’t posted much, but I bet once she gets used to running a business that she will have lots of great information!

A Music Therapy Internship Blog – This was Christine Young’s blog when she was an intern. There haven’t been new posts since she graduated back in 2012, but there’s some good information if you want to know what it’s like to do an internship!

Music Therapy Tunes – This site takes forever to load but if you need session plan ideas, you might find some here.

Developmental Music Health Blog – John Carpente writes once every few months about music-centered music therapy and products that he offers.

ET Music Therapy – Esther Thane is a Canadian music therapist that writes occasionally about music therapy and autism.

Music Therapy Diva – This site hasn’t been updated since 2013, but there are some good articles for students there.

Your Musical Self – This is the Psychology Today series from Kimberly Sena Moore. My feed reader seems to be having trouble connecting to it recently, but since all the articles are posted at Music Therapy Maven, I’ll still be able to read them.

Coast Music Therapy – These music therapists from California post infrequently, but they have a lot of great pictures and infographics on their site.

Wholesome Harmonies – Amy Kalas posts a lot of great videos and has session ideas for music therapists and resources for parents.

Music Therapy and End of Life Care – A quartet of music therapists working in hospice share their experiences and philosophy of music therapy.

Music Moves – Natasha Thomas doesn’t post much, but when she does they are thought provoking!

…in the practice room: A Music Therapy Blog – This blog hasn’t been updated in over a year, and the music therapist doesn’t reveal her identity. But there are a few posts with intervention ideas that might spark some interest or ideas for you.

The Adventures of Runner Girl – Michelle K is a friend of mine and also a music therapist. This blog is about her running adventures, not music therapy, but I like to keep up with what my friends are doing.

Music Therapy Bento -In Japan,¬†bento¬†is a boxed meal,¬†typically taken at lunchtime, containing several portions of different foods in a¬†convenient, portable box. Here at Music Therapy Bento, Natalie Jack has a bento style¬†blog¬†‚Äď a little¬†bit of everything ‚Äď about music therapy. She explores clinical, professional, ethical,¬†research, political and community topics with local and international music¬†therapists and other contributors. Services¬†offered through Music Therapy Bento include¬†individual supervision & coaching, workshops, and team consultations.

Welcome to Laura’s Blog – I follow Laura on Twitter and found out she has this blog. She is on the Autism spectrum and posts some very interesting thoughts. She hasn’t been as active on Twitter lately, but maybe I’m less active on Twitter, so I have missed her tweets.

The Musical Autist – CJ Shiloh advocates for the Neurodiversity movement and offers Sensory Friendly Concerts (R).

Hidden Rhythms – Stephen L. Orsborn shares some personal insights into his work as a music therapist, including some struggles with finding work. It’s really encouraging to read, especially if you’re also struggling to find work.

More with Music – Amanda Ellis shares song ideas for people that work with children.

Thrive Music Therapy – Brea Murakami is a new music therapist and she posts some great articles and infographics for music therapy.

Music Therapy Research Blog – Blythe LaGasse and Andrew Knight post about the music therapy research blog podcast episodes and other information about music therapy research that is outside of our industry journals.

The 21st Century Nurse – I went to high school with Regina Wysocki, so I like to keep up with her blog posts, too. She is a Registered Nurse that works in a school district and is working on a Masters Degree in Health Infomatics. I don’t really know what that means but she is a social media queen! And her topic sounds really interesting to me.

Frank Clinic – Regina once posted on her 21st Century Nurse blog to follow the Frank Clinic (the elementary school clinic she works in) so I did!

mellifluous – My friend Christina writes about life, mommy-hood, and occasionally music therapy.

Life with e – My cousin blogs here. Personal and powerful.

Ye Olde Inkwell – I went to high school with Michelle Miles and now she’s a published author! She often gives away free books on her blog.

MOMentity – I learned about this site on a webinar. She posts videos encouraging moms to live their dreams.

Adventures of the Rambach Family – Rachel Rambach posts about her family, with lots of pictures.

Songs for Success – Some songs and activities by a brand new music therapist.

The ParentNormal – a parenting humor blog written by a dad.

Outsmarted Mommy – a parenting humor blog written by a mom.

Tuneful Teaching – Kathy Schumacher writes about music therapy, reading, autism, and occasionally posts pictures of her kids.

mewsic moves – John Mews writes about music therapy and autism. He even won the Top Music Therapy Writer award from Autism Parenting Magazine in 2014!

music, therapy, and me – My favorite music therapy blog! Mary Jane Landaker writes about her therapeutic process, her life, and her passions. She’s the kind of blogger I want to be when I grow up!

Noteable Progressions – Darcy Lipscomb writes about her music therapy business.

invisible strings – M Kelter was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 30. He now writes about life on the Autism Spectrum, focusing on: childhood and adolescent experiences with mindblindess, depression and what it was like teaching himself to use body language.

Courtney DeFeo – I learned about her blog from Kay Wyma. Courtney writes about teaching virtues while having fun.

The MOAT Blog – I heard Kay Wyma speak at a mommy group. She was a compelling speaker–the kind I aspire to be. She writes about how she taught her children to become self-sufficient by working on one habit a month.

Kathleen Fischer – Another speaker at the mommy group, Kathleen writes about strengthening families.

Raising Harmony – Elizabeth Schwartz writes about early childhood music therapy.

Sprouting Melodies – Another site by Elizabeth Schwartz! Here she posts more songs and videos.

Musical Bridges – Leslie Jones writes about music therapy with older adults.

Texas Storm Chasers – This is how I keep up with Texas weather.

Life Song Therapy – Jennifer Hezoucky’s Music Together and Music Therapy site.

Mommy Manders – Another speaker at the mommy group, Mommy Manders writes about Parenting with Purpose.

Oliver Sacks, M.D – run by a PR person, mostly posts about his books and appearances.

Developing Musical Health Services – Another site by John Carpente. He writes about interesting topics, but uses a lot of jargon.

Emma’s Hope Book – I love this blog! Emma communicates by typing and picks some deep thoughts to write about. Her mother then writes her thoughts on the topic.

Connecticut Music Therapy – Jennifer Sokira and her team post about their practice and some tips for music-making for caregivers.

Sound Matters Music Therapy – Erin Lunde writes about professional issues in music therapy.

Thoughts on Music Therapy – A new podcast by Erin Lunde and Tim Oesau!

Maegan Morrow – Maegan works at The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (where I was the first intern!) and is the music therapist that worked with Gabby Giffords.

Music Therapy Kids – Mary works in a city near me and posts original songs to teach educational concepts.

Musings of an Aspie – One woman’s thoughts about life on the spectrum.

The George Center – Jamie George and her team post about their practice, music therapy issues, and some great videos.

Just Stimming…. – Julia Bascom is an Autistic woman, writer, and self-advocate. She writes about autistic identity, community, and language; disability rights; theory vs. praxis; and autism acceptance.

Unstrange Mind – A person on the autism spectrum who is a self-advocate.

Soundscaping Source – Rachelle posts about music therapy and aging/eldercare.

The Harmony Resource РAmi Kunimura  writes about music therapy and mental health.

Music Therapy Ed – Provided continuing education for music therapists. Also gives lots of free stuff for signing up for the newsletter.

Music Therapy Business – Another Kat Fulton site where she offers online business training.

Full Circle Music Therapy Community – A panel of music therapists post about various topics, ranging from private practice, to hospice, to medical music therapy.

Music Therapy Book Club – This site offers continuing education for music therapists and the blog mostly advertises their offerings.

Annapolis Music Therapy – CJ Shiloh writes about her business.

Urban Therapists – A podcast loosely based on music therapy, culture, food, drink, and more.

Technology for Sound Wellness – A Music Technology Resource to help Music Therapists Tools connect and empower.

Think Like a Musician – Scott Snow writes about productivity and performance.

Music Therapy E-Books – Posts to inspire you to write an ebook!

Music Therapy Round Table – The podcast by Rachel Rambach, Michelle Erfurt, Matt Logan, and Kimberly Sena Moore.

Music Therapy State Recognition – This lists all the posts for each year’s Social Media Advocacy campaign by AMTA and CBMT.

roostsandwingsmt – Music Therapy and early childhood

Serenade Designs – Great advice from Julie for music therapy marketing.

The Rhythmic Mind – Stephanie discusses and keeps on top of the newest currents and news in the music therapy world.

Time For Music – Wade Richards is a prolific writer, podcaster, composer, and music therapy business owner.

Is your blog missing from this list? Tell me about it so I can add it!