Monday, August 14, 2017

Mommy & Me Music Groups

The hospital where I delivered started having a mommy and me mixer group, which has been a life-saver as I try to navigate this new role in my life. This group is facilitated by a counselor and childbirth educator and the moms come with their babies to talk about whatever issues they are having. The facilitator sometimes teaches us songs and games or brings in speakers, like a sleep specialist or a Music Together specialist. Several mommies in the group were interested in joining a music group with their baby, so I volunteered to lead a group in exchange for more mommy support and interaction.

We’ve met once so far and I shared information on how to use music effectively at home and sang a few songs. Here are the tips I shared:

  • Playing background music is great, but don’t play it all day long. It will lose its effectiveness to influence your child’s behavior or mood if it is playing constantly. Instead, use music at certain times of the day to create a specific mood in your home. For instance, use some fun and upbeat music when cleaning or exercising. Use slow and calming music to set the mood for naps and bedtime.
  • Music for children is fun, but it’s also okay to play music that you like to listen to as well. Initially, children will prefer and respond to what they hear the most.
  • Sing with your child. It’s so important to sing with your child. Music-making is an innate human behavior and is a biological imperative, meaning it’s essential for health and wellness, not just for entertainment. So sing with your child!

The songs I used were: Matilda the Gorilla, We’re All Making Music Together, and the Egg-shakin’ Blues.

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