Masters Level Entry: Medical/International Perspectives

Dr. Dale Taylor, MT-BC is my guest on August 24. He is the author of Biomedical Foundations of Music as Therapy and will be discussing the implications of the proposal to move to a Masters Level Entry on the medical and international perspectives in music therapy.

Dr. Dale Taylor is Professor Emeritus and a former Chair of the Department of Allied Health Professions at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where he founded the Music Therapy Program in 1969.  While completing graduate work at the University of Kansas under such experts as Drs. E. Thayer Gaston and William W. Sears, he was the first to perform research showing that the terms “stimulative” and “sedative” cannot be applied to music, but should instead be used to describe the responses of listeners.  He also conducted the first national study to identify the competencies needed for successful practice upon entering the field of music therapy.  In 1981, his review of music in general hospitals became the first historical research study ever published by the Journal of Music Therapy.  He has served as national Student Coordinator, Chair of both the Certification-Registration and International Relations Committees, President of the Great Lakes Region, Editor of the International Journal of Arts Medicine, Secretary-Treasurer of the International Arts Medicine Association, and he recently completed his term as Chair of the Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long Term Care.  He is perhaps best known as the originator of the Biomedical Theory of Music Therapy which is described in his book, Biomedical Foundations of Music as Therapy, now in its second edition.  Upon introduction of this theory in 1990, he became the first to suggest that music therapy outcomes can be understood and explained by the proven powerful influences of music on brain functioning.

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