Thursday, July 27, 2017

LIVE from AMTA Conference 2012

I was broadcasting live from the booth in the exhibit hall of the American Music Therapy Association conference. I sounded scattered on the show because conference is a time of little sleep and much activity. I am so grateful to Matt Logan, Kat Fulton, Jaylee Montgomery, Michelle Erfurt, Rachel Rambach, Kimberly Sena Moore, Toni Neff, Mica Trupiano, Carolyn Daschinger, Bonnie Hayhurst, Carolyn Dobson, Michael Richardson, Robbin Buford, CJ Shiloh, Beth from Palo Alto, Beth Robinson, Anna Mallard, Scott Tomlinson, John Mahoney, Bryant Wiliams, Amanda from Denton TX, Dale Taylor, and Kalani, all who spoke about their conference experiences on the show.


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