Thursday, September 14, 2017

K is for Kids

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Continuing the A-Z Blogging Challenge, I thought I’d write a parenting post. My kid this week has been a challenge. His routines are off, he has some new behaviors that I don’t feel equipped to manage, and I feel overwhelmed by it.

But he still responds to music. He sings, plays instruments, and even climbs up on the piano every day to play some songs. He also listens when I sing (most of the time). We’ve never been able to have songs as part of our bedtime routine, but maybe it’s time to introduce them.  Most of the time, though, he will become still when I sing the diaper-changing song, and we’ve developed a nice habit of brushing our teeth together and holding hands when we walk in parking lots.

Here are links to the posts about the songs I use with my kid, along with suggestions for how you can incorporate them into your routines. I’m open to hearing how your bedtime routine works–I really need to change mine up!!

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