Thursday, September 14, 2017

J is for Journal Club

For this A-Z Blogging Challenge post, I wanted to share the reasoning behind Journal Club.

As a member of the American Music Therapy Association, I receive the two peer-reviewed publications in the mail. The Journal of Music Therapy is published 4 times per year. The Music Therapy Perspectives is published twice each year. For several years, when they arrived at my doorstep, I would put them in a “pile of things to do” on my desk. Only they never became a priority and when another issue would arrive, I’d shelve the prior issue and place the new one on my desk.

A few years ago, at a national conference, I spoke with Dr. Meganne Masko about this dilemma, and she agreed to join me on The Music Therapy Show for Journal Club. So now whenever there is a journal published, we schedule a show for about a month after we receive it, and discuss the articles in each publication.

These shows not only force me to read the journals, but also to determine how to apply the articles in my work as a music therapist. Sometimes it’s easier to do than others, but I think it’s important to think about how to apply the research that is published in our field, even when it’s challenging to do so.

So next time you receive a journal in the mail, read the abstracts, and if you’re still interested in the article, read the discussion section. And join Meganne and me in our next Journal Club!

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