iPad Apps for Music Therapy

Aric Allen from e-Motion Technologies is my guest this week. I met him in the exhibit hall of the American Music Therapy Association conference last November. He creates technological assists for music therapists, offering custom-designed iPad aps or other computer programs based on your needs. He can be found at e-Motiontechnologies.com.

Listen LIVE at Noon EST/11 am CST/10am MST/9 am PST or find the archived show here or on iTunes.

Aric is a recent graduate from Berklee College of Music, where he studied electric bass performance and electronic production and design (EPD). While in EPD, Aric took a strong liking to the software design aspect of the major.  Though it was mainly focused on building software for music composition and performance, he was asked to present at the first annual Music Technology in Music Therapy conference at Berklee.  It was here that he realized that bringing these custom music technologies to the field of music therapy could have a profound positive effect in the lives of many.  After graduating, Aric decided to continue on this path and formed e-MotionTechnologies.  A company devoted solely to the development of custom music hardware/software systems that aid music therapists in their quest to heal the world through music.



A site that hosts information on the mission of the company, what services are provided, a way to contact Aric, and a music technology in music therapy related blog.