Helping your child develop a positive mindset

A positive mindset can help your child accomplish more than he thinks he can. Here are some tips for helping your child develop this positive mindset.

  • First, model a positive mindset. For tips on developing a positive mindset for yourself, go here.
  • Tell your child what you like about her through compliments. Notice when she does something well and tell her about it.
  • Let your child hear you “bragging” about him to someone else. Tell his aunt or grandfather something that he did well in a place where he can overhear you.
  • Sing or listen to songs with positive messages. Some of my favorites are from Hugworks, especially “I Can Be the Best I Can Be.”

Sometimes when we have children with disabilities, it’s easy to focus on what they can’t do or what problems they may have, rather than their successes or skills. Use these tips to help shift the focus to their strengths and develop that positive attitude.