H is for Help


I know that best practice is to find your niche and post articles on that niche topic and create products directly for that niche market, but I have several interests and not a lot of time to create multiple sites for each. So for this A-Z Blogging Challenge post, I’m going to highlight them. I started this site to help people, so here are the topics you may find helpful:

  • What is Music Therapy? I wanted to help spread the word about and advocate for music therapy. So I started The Music Therapy Show almost 7 years ago to talk about music therapy. I intended the show to be a call-in style, let-me-answer-your-questions-about-music-therapy show, but it turned into a show that seemed geared towards music therapists. I’ve shifted that some with the Mommy Support series, but there are still many shows geared towards music therapists. So I welcome your questions about music therapy or your thoughts on topics you are interested in. And I hope you find the show helpful.
  • Mommy Support. Having just become a mom and needing all the help I can get, I started sharing what works for me, as far as being musical with my kid. You can find all the tips under the Parenting category, and several of the Music Therapy Shows this year have been geared towards parents. The free ebook you receive for signing up for my email list is also geared towards parents.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder. I like to help music therapists who are new to the profession, or working with a population that may be unfamiliar to them, or wanting to take their practice to a new level with the tips I share in the Work Smarter series. I also offer coaching and supervision at a reasonable price ($60/hour) to give your practice that boost it needs to excel. Contact me if you’d like this kind of help.
  • Wellness. I worked for several years in a wellness program and developed the music therapy programing for a wellness company. Check out the posts in that category for more information about the six (or eight, depending on the model you use) dimensions of wellness and check back for more information on this kind of self-care for music therapists, parents, and anyone interested in preventing burnout and promoting health for themselves.

I’d love to know if you find these topics helpful. Leave a comment or send me an email! Thanks for reading!