Wednesday, November 22, 2017


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Today, I want to acknowledge a few of the people who influenced me as a music therapist. Dr. Mary Ann Nolteriek was my professor at Sam Houston State University, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in music therapy. She taught me the foundations of music therapy, but also how to be a professional and a leader. Kiran Montague was my internship supervisor at The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research. She taught me more about professionalism and how to apply what I learned in school in clinical practice. Jackie Peters was president of the Southwestern Region of the national music therapy association when I was a new music therapist. She inspired me to develop my leadership skills, supported me in my private practice, and mentored me during my presidency of the Southwestern Region. Dr. Nancy Hadsell was my advisor during my master’s degree at Texas Woman’s University. I learned to think deeply about music therapy during that time, and she was instrumental in the completion of my master’s thesis. Following completion of this degree, Carolyn Dobson and I were applying for the same positions or going after the same contracts. Rather than competing, we encouraged and supported each other, even if she got the job and I didn’t or vice versa. From her I learned integrity, loyalty, and endurance. Barbara Bastable and I worked together on boards and committees before becoming co-workers at SMU. From her I learned to give grace to others and to myself, as well as how to write a syllabus and design a course. Dr. Robert Krout gave me my first opportunities to teach college courses and guided me through the transition from clinician to music therapy educator.

These are just a few of the many music therapists who were instrumental in forming my music therapy practice and philosophy at key moments in my professional formation. I could continue this post for days mentioning all the music therapists who influenced my career/passion, but I have papers to write, so I will save those for another post on another day.