May 13, 2011 – Finding Balance

The illustrious and industrious Michelle Erfurt wrote in: “The main reason for [cutting back on my responsibilities] is for personal balance and sanity. Truth is that I have so many ideas that I think I should do them all… and I’m learning the hard way that a result of acting willy nilly like that can be overload. I’ve encountered the same thing with sessions as well.This topic of ‘editing yourself’ is one that I wonder if other MTs would be interested in hearing about and/or gone through as well. Is this a topic that you and I could discuss on your podcast?” So this week, I’m going to discuss how to find balance and “edit yourself”. Michelle called in and shared some of her strategies, I shared mine, and JoAnn Jordan shared hers in the chat room!

Listen to the archived show here or search for The Music Therapy Show in iTunes.

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