Favorite Music Therapy Bloggers: Mary Jane Landaker

Last fall, I began a doctoral program and a new job, both of which were exciting and overwhelming at the same time. In order to stay afloat, I had to cut out many of the activities that I did before, like reading music therapy blogs. Now that it’s summer, and the first summer since graduating from high school that I haven’t worked, I have been trying to maintain some balance in my life and get back to some activities that fueled my imagination about the work that I do.

I have started with catching up on one of my favorite music therapy blogs: music, therapy, and me by MJ Landaker. I aspire to be like her because she blogs EVERY DAY, or nearly every day. I like her blog because she writes on a very personal level about her feelings and what she is doing and thinking about. She also thinks very deeply about music therapy, which inspires me to think deeply about music therapy.

Like many bloggers who post every day, she has themes that she tends to follow. In Just a Song Sunday posts, where most recently she’s written a series about her thoughts related to William Sears’ chapter on the Functions of Music. As it was for her, this chapter was significant in my music therapy education, and MJ thinks about this chapter, its cultural context, and how the concepts may have changed since they were first published in 1968.

She recently brought back TME Tuesday, to my great delight. I like to send my students to her blog to learn about how to think about session strategies in a detailed way. Thoughtful Thursdays are when she goes deep into a particular topic. The other days of the week are usually whatever is present for her that day.

I am most impressed with the fact that she actually writes a post each day when she wakes up, rather than having one day to write several posts that are then scheduled throughout the week to post automatically. I’m not sure if that is the right strategy for me, but I do plan on writing more this summer. Some of that writing I will share here. Thanks for reading. MJ, thanks for writing!