Exhausted Mommies share their story

ExaustedmomsxylophoneAmy Zuniga has joined me on The Music Therapy Show a couple of times for a Parent Support Group (Check them out: S is for Support, Parenting Models,¬†Creating Rhythm in Your Day, Back To School, and What’s going right?). We decided to create our own BlogTalkRadio channel, separate from the original show. And I haven’t taken the time to start a website for just that show, so I’m letting you all know about this resource here.

When I became a mom, I did not know other new moms, or other moms that didn’t have teenagers. When I finally found a mommy group to attend, it was such a source of support for me. Then, as my kid grew and I gained more experience as a mom, I wanted to make sure that others could find some support, even if it wasn’t in person. Amy, who is a parent educator and has been a mom longer than me, agreed to help run this project with me.

The show airs once a month and we currently have 3 episodes. If you’re able to listen live, you can even call in to seek support and participate in the conversation.

Episode 1 is about sharing your parenthood story. How did you become a parent? What was that like for you? In this episode, Amy and I share our stories. We encourage you to share your story, even if it’s in a journal, rather than out loud to someone. Your journey to parenthood is an important story in your life and deserves to be told, regardless of the means by which you came into parenthood.

Our second episode is about Self Compassion. It’s about taking care of ourselves and not putting ourselves last, or at least making sure we make it on the list of things to take care of. Amy shared some strategies for allowing some self compassion to develop. We were also joined by Carrie Friddell, a music therapist in Tennessee who has older children than Amy and me, to give her perspective.

The third episode is about what to do when you have nothing to do–How to manage summer vacation after daycare is no longer in the picture, or other breaks in the schedule. I always feel like other moms just know what to do with their kid, but I do not. So Amy shares some helpful tips for managing those days when you’re likely to hear “I’m bored!”

I hope you’ll join us for future episodes and will let us know what you think. You can contact me here.