Episode 225: Ask a Music Therapist

SM Advocacy Badge 2012_150x150This show wraps up my contribution to Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy month for 2016. One of my roles in #MTAdvocacy is to answer questions about music therapy, so in this episode, I’m answering a bunch of questions about music therapy and what we do. You can find more posts from Social Media Advocacy Month here.

Tory Sherlock is currently in the last year of her undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, graduating with Honors and a BA in Psychology. She is trying to continue on to graduate school for music therapy. For her senior thesis this year, she is researching the efficacy of art therapies in a variety of contexts including healing and rehabilitation. This study will focus on the perspective of the therapist and giver of treatment, not just client/patient outcome. Part of her research will include carrying out interviews with prospective therapists who are willing to answer some questions about their stance on their work, what brought them to the field, along with some other similar topics.

Since I get requests for interviews or information from students frequently, I thought I’d record this one so that other students looking for similar information might be able to use it for their projects, too.