Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Episode 209: Autism and Identity First Language

Board Certified Music Therapist CJ Shiloh of The Musical Autist and SensoryFriendly Concerts™ will join me to talk about Neurodiversity and Identity First Language in the Autism community.

CJ Shiloh, MT-BC, is the owner of Annapolis Music Therapy Services, a growing private practice throughout central Maryland. Since 2011 she has served as Director of The Musical Autist, a 501c3 nonprofit that facilitates Sensory Friendly Concerts in Maryland and throughout the country. CJ’s background as a disability rights advocate precedes her career as a music therapist. She entered the field with a unique background and understanding of disability rights issues, particularly within the Autism Rights and Neurodiversity Movement. Her work in this area was published last year in a special issue on Community Music Therapy, in the Int’l Journal of Community Music. She co-authored this paper with Dr. Blythe LaGasse and created a CMTE course on the topic of Neurodiversity on Dr. LaGasse’s continuing ed website, Music Therapy & Neuro Ed.

Sunny Cefaratti: Co-Director of The Musical Autist, Autistic Self Advocate, Mentor 
Sunny is a performing pianist/vocalist, and mentor to other autistic self advocates. She is an essential part of our organization and on our Board of Directors. She was born in South Korea, completely blind, and was adopted by her family in the US at 2 years of age. She was diagnosed with autism in 2001. She is a graduate of Maryland School for the Blind.

Sunny performs in local nursing homes and plays keyboard in the praise and worship band at her church. She has given speeches and piano performances in Sensory Friendly Concerts since July 2011. This photo was taken at The Musical Autist’s display table, at the 2012 Arc of Maryland conference, where Sunny was guest performer for the Awards Luncheon.

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Links for more information:

Article in IJCM (special issue on Community Music Therapy) http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journals/view-Article,id=17791/
CMTE course on Music Therapy and Neuro Ed:  http://www.mtned.com/courses/neurodiversity-sfc/
Rachel Reed’s article in Voices article: https://voices.no/index.php/voices/article/view/797/661
Casey DePriest’s school in Evansville:  http://www.optimalrhythms.org/access-academy.html
Hussman Institute in Baltimore: http://www.hussmanautism.org/
Melanie Yergeau:  http://kuiama.net/
Autistic Self Advocacy Network: http://autisticadvocacy.org/
Here’s a link to a great article on “rethinking autism” in terms of motor differences.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3556589/
Dis/Abling Musicking: Reflections on a Disability Studies Perspective in Music Therapy by Maren Metell

Ethnomusicological Perspectives on Autism, Neurodiversity, and Music Therapy by Michael B. Bakan

For more information, contact Sunny and CJ at: themusicalautist@gmail.com

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