Thursday, July 6, 2017

Environmental Wellness

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WellnessEnvironmental Wellness is taking care of your environment in a way that promotes health. I think most people think of recycling and sustainable living when they think of Environmental Wellness, which it definitely includes, and I do work on those things. But Environmental Wellness also includes the space in which we live and work.

I focus on Environmental Wellness by decluttering my home and work space and by creating the environment that is most conducive to promoting my health and the goals I am attempting to attain. There are several ways that I use music to help create the environment that is best for me in the moment:

1. Background music. When I want to create a peaceful, meditative, calm environment, I play some instrumental music that I enjoy. It creates a more intimate space for dinner conversation, or helps set the mood of my home. Other times, I play some energetic, dance music, usually with lyrics. This helps to keep me moving and accomplishing house cleaning or some other task in a way that’s fun and uplifting. My family often joins in by dancing right along with me.

2. Silence. I don’t have music playing all the time. I like to use it more purposefully and not have it become just another sound in the environment that I eventually tune out. Plus, the space that silence provides allows me to hear the other sounds in my environment, like the rain, the airplanes my kid likes to point to, or his laughter.

3. Instruments. We have a piano that we often go to to play a melody or just improvise on. There’s a basket of shakers and bells and drums that we play occasionally. Live music-making is a great way to promote interactions and bonding, so the opportunity is always there!

How do you use music for your environmental wellness?