Celebrate good times!

I love that song by Kool and The Gang. Celebrations and parties can be a lot of fun, but might be stressful, if you have a child with a disability. To reduce stress when planning or attending a party, try these tips. Please add your tips in the comments below and let me know what works for you.

  • Check your expectations.If you get caught up in perfection, you’ll have a miserable time. So make sure your expectations are to have a good time, to help your child enjoy himself, and to relax.
  • Prepare for success. Prepare your child for what to expect. Use calendars, picture schedules, social stories, and digital photos of friends and family to help explain what will happen and what your child can expect to see and do at the party.
  • Enlist allies. Ask for help from friends or family that your child knows well. They can help make sure she has fun and can interact well with others.
  • Enjoy the party! There might be messes and mishaps, but make sure you are having a good time, too.