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Digging myself out again


Adapted Piano Lessons: Teaching Piano to Special Learners

Tweet I didn’t learn to play piano until college, which was a terrible way to learn piano. However, when I was in private practice, I was contacted by a piano studio that kept getting requests to teach piano to children with various learning differences. This studio used the Faber method and I had enough piano skills […]

Finding Balance

Tweet After my first semester in a new job and a new doctoral program, and as a wife and mother of a 3-year-old, I knew I needed to focus on self-care. One of the courses for my doctoral program was on human rights and the work was not only traumatic, but also heavy, with 32 […]

Favorite Music Therapy Bloggers: Mary Jane Landaker

Tweet Last fall, I began a doctoral program and a new job, both of which were exciting and overwhelming at the same time. In order to stay afloat, I had to cut out many of the activities that I did before, like reading music therapy blogs. Now that it’s summer, and the first summer since […]

Music Therapy Journal Club

Tweet I’ve been gone from this site for quite some time. I started a new job, a doctoral program, and attempted to be a good mom and wife. This summer, I’m hoping to get back on a good writing schedule and update more frequently here.

Episode 232: #MusicTherapy #JournalClub for JMT v53(3)

Tweet Dr. Meganne Masko and Janice Lindstrom will discuss the articles published in the Journal of Music Therapy Volume 53 number 3 (Fall 2016). In this issue, there are four articles: Analysis of Lyrics from Group Songwriting with Bereaved Adolescents (Fiore), Development of the Music Therapy Assessment Tool for Advanced Huntington’s Disease: A Pilot Validation […]

Episode 231: #MusicTherapy #JournalClub for MTP 34(2)

Tweet We’re back broadcasting live on February 9, 2017 at 10 am CST for another edition of Music Therapy Journal Club. This time, we’re discussing the articles from the second Music Therapy Perspectives of 2016. This has a special focus on Multicultural Musical Competence, as well as a summary of published literature in music therapy […]

Episode 230: #MusicTherapy #JournalClub for JMT 53(2)

Tweet We took a break because Janice went back to school and started a new job. Meganne moved and started a new job. But now we’re ready to catch back up! Join us for music therapy journal club–where we discuss the journal articles in music therapy publications just so we can keep up with the […]

Episode 229: #MusicTherapy #JournalClub MTP 34(1)


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