Balancing Work With a Basic Weekly Plan

I like to wcalendarork smarter, not harder, by creating routines for my work day. I’ve already written about those tasks that need to be completed every day, but what about those tasks that occur regularly, but don’t need to be completed each day? For those, I use my Basic Weekly Plan. This idea was adapted from the housekeeping and organizational advice given at

To make a Basic Weekly Plan, just write down all the things you need to do for work that require regular attention, but not necessarily daily attention. Then assign those tasks to one day of the week. Here’s my weekly plan:

Mondays set the tone for the week, so on Mondays, I sync my calendars. I use Google calendar on my phone to set appointments and coordinate schedules with my husband. I also have a wall calendar that I write all the appointments on as a back up. I save these as our documentation of appointments, just in case they are ever called into question or needed to corroborate if I’m asked, “Where were you on the night of the February 2, 2001?” Maybe I watch too many detective shows, but seriously, having a paper back up calendar helps for when technology fails or you need to look back a few years (think IRS audit or some other record-keeping need). Also, I review my appointments for the week and make sure I have everything I need prepared for them. I then send reminders or return phone calls as needed.

Tuesdays are my creativity day. I have a little more time where I can rely on my husband for childcare for an extra hour on this day, so I work on my editorial calendar, plan projects or sessions, dream up new ideas, and write social media content.

Wednesdays are Anti-Procrastination Day. This is when I spend a few minutes tackling projects that I’ve been putting off. I check my list of projects and start working on one of them. I also make a list of errands I need to run–post office, copy center, office supply store, bank–and make sure I have everything I need for those errands.

Thursdays are Errand Day. I gather up the list of errands I made yesterday and all the items needed for those errands and tackle them as I’m out for appointments that day.

Fridays are Desk Day. I prepare and send my invoices, finish any outstanding paperwork, do the filing, clean off my desk, empty the trash, and clean out my work bags (instruments, paperwork, purse). I also check my calendar for next week and make a list of things to do.

Have you created a weekly plan? How do you manage your office tasks?

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