Wednesday, July 12, 2017

#AMTA15 Conference Planner for Students

AMTA’s 2015 Conference
November 12 to November 15, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri


The American Music Therapy Association Conference is next week and each year they offer tons of sessions geared directly for students. This year is no exception. So I thought I’d put a conference planner together just for students to highlight all of the opportunities. Now, just because a session isn’t directly geared towards students, doesn’t mean a student can’t attend that, but conference can be overwhelming for a student (and a professional), so this planner helps students see ALL the opportunities to aid in the decision-making process.

To use this guide, follow the same steps outlined for regular conference planning.

Get your Student Conference Planner Here: Student Conference planner 2015

It’s a word doc so you can edit it based on your conference attendance preferences.

This year, AMTA has a Student Guitar Bombardment series of sessions during each concurrent session time-slot on Friday. Each time-slot of this series features a different guitar-playing focus (Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Improvisation, etc.). I’ve listed each of these sessions on the guide.

There’s also another student-focused session for almost every concurrent session time-slot, so on Friday, you’ll have to decide whether to attend the guitar session, the other student session (also listed on this planner), or some other session.

Saturday features the Internship Fair from 9:00 – 10:30 am, which overlaps with the end of the Regional meetings (which are important to attend) and the first concurrent session, so you’ll need to decide if/how you want to fit this into your schedule.

There are no obvious student-focused sessions at 4:30 on Saturday, 7:30 on Sunday, or 10:30 on Sunday, so those time-slots are blank on this form.

The business meetings (one for AMTA, one for AMTAS, one for Regions) are very important to attend. Students should attend the AMTA business meeting so that they begin to learn how the professional association works. Students should attend the AMTAS meeting, so that you can understand how the student association works for you, and to support your school and your student representatives. Finally, the Regional meeting is important to attend because that’s where you learn about the committee work that AMTA does, the work that your Regional officers are doing, Regional conference details, and State Task Force work that is being done in your Region.

If you need help organizing for your conference attendance, check out this post for more tips.

Please let me know whether you are using this planner. Tweet me @JaniceLindstrom or connect on Facebook! See you in Kansas City!

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