5 Ways to Celebrate Music Therapy Day

ATTENTIONToday is Music Therapy Day in Texas! As part of the State Recognition Operational Plan, the Texas State Task Force is attending the reading of Texas House Resolution 257:

By: Naishtat  H.R. No. 257


WHEREAS, The practice of music therapy has been effectively used to promote healing and enhance the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of countless individuals; and

WHEREAS, A clinical, evidence-based discipline, music therapy is defined as the application of music by an accredited professional for the purpose of achieving therapeutic goals; music therapy is used to treat persons of all ages and abilities in a variety of settings, and it is shown to be a safe and cost-effective method of health care due to its capacity to address multiple patient concerns without the need for medication; and

WHEREAS, Research has found music therapy to be successful in helping patients with Alzheimer ’ s disease to improve their

cognitive functioning, children with autism to better communicate, and victims of stroke to regain their speech and mobility; moreover, music intervention has been a valuable tool for many clients in controlling chronic pain and managing anxiety and depression; and

WHEREAS, More than 40,000 Texans receive services from music therapists each year; certified practitioners must complete a degree in music therapy at a college or university approved by the American Music Therapy Association and are credentialed by the Certification Board for Music Therapists; and

WHEREAS, Degrees in music therapy are offered at a number of institutions of higher learning in Texas, and many graduates of these institutions go on to become contractors and operate small businesses that contribute to the economies of their community and state; and

WHEREAS, Texans from all walks of life have benefited immeasurably from the techniques used by skilled music therapists, and it is a privilege to join in commending them for the innovative services they provide; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 84th Texas Legislature hereby recognize February 3, 2015, as Music Therapy Day in Texas and extend sincere best wishes to music therapists across the Lone Star State for success with their important work.

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Music Therapy Day!

1. Contact your state representatives. In Texas, you can find out who they are here. Send them an email or call their office and tell them why music therapy is important to you.

2. Share a story. Tell someone what music therapy is and share a story about a music therapy experience. Post about it on Facebook or Twitter.

3. Wear a music therapy t-shirt or pin so that people will ask you “What’s music therapy?” and you can explain it to them.

4. Learn about music therapy. There are lots of ways that music can be helpful, but not every musical experience is music therapy. Start with the American Music Therapy Association to find out more.

5. Hug a music therapist! Everyone needs some appreciation, so let the music therapist in your life know you appreciate them and the work that they do.